Turinabol also called Chlorodehydrometiltestosterone is an anabolic steroid, in the past famous and now of limited use.

Even after more than 50 years of the creation of Turinabol by Jenapharm laboratory, talk about this anabolic properly:

It brings to light one of the most glaring and revolting cases about doping in sports history.

As this steroid was not detected in anti-doping tests in the past, only years later it was proven that East Germany had given the substance among 10,000 athletes, some even participating in the 1974 and 1989 Olympics.

The episode involved many sportsmen and women, both men and women, who used the steroid without even knowing what they were consuming, because the minister argued that they were vitamins.

Years later (1994) the prohibition of Turibanol is assured, however, in 2016 new cases of doping with this steroid were detected.

All the stories that involve the indiscriminate use of anabolics, especially involving the German cunning to introduce them among competitors, are worth reading.

In order to know also the physical and emotional harms that the attitude has brought to these athletes.

Explain to you what Turinabol is, what it is for, what benefits, and what is involved in this controversial anabolic is our proposal with the article. Good reading.

What is Turinabol?

Turbinabol is the commercial name of the scientific chemical formula 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, which in this case derives from the clostebol (androgenic steroid) and testosterone hormone in its natural form.

It is a steroid with moderate levels of safety for users, even safer than other anabolic steroids such as Dianabol and even Oximetolone and Trenbolone.

Potentially used for anabolism purposes, it offers androgenic effects when used by women, for example, while for men it is quite safe.

Chemist Albert Stachowiak has the credit for the creation of Turinabol.

Thanks to the combination he proposed in the mid-1960s, where he unified testosterone molecules with type 1 and type 2 carbon bonds, thus achieving the formula with more anabolic power.

However, it included carbon 4, methyl carbon 17, thus ensuring non-aromatization, thereby reducing androgenism.

And, improving the metabolization by the liver, reducing the risk of damages, including.

What is Turinabol for?

Turinabol is no longer common among steroid users as it is not readily available on the market.

We emphasize that for the process of Cutting (definition) Turinabol has relevant action which leads to demand and preference.

A major differential in this drug is the ability to gain muscle gradually, subtle, without retention, but, which is maintained for an extended time.

And because of this slowness the body is protected from side effects common to steroids such as gynecomastia, for example.

Another time of use quite successfully is in the cutoff period, where athletes need to eliminate fat and set.

Chlorodehydrometiltestosterona also serves for:

  • Improve recovery between each training period;
  • Its versatility also leads it to use in phase bulking (OFF season)
  • Helps increase strength;
  • Preserves muscle quality.

What are the benefits of using Turinabol?

Chlorodehydrometiltestosterone present in Turinabol offers an important advantage for mass gain.

It relates to a hard shape, without retention of liquid under the dermis, also does not let the body accumulate fat.

According to some users, Turinabol has milder side effects compared to its largest competitor Dianabol.

Of which is considered a derivative.

Another aspect considered beneficial, is its formula in tablets, thus improving the acceptance, because the outlets are simple and dynamic.

Like almost all AAS – Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, Turinabol will also provide the growth of cells from various tissues, thus making them develop.

Other benefits offered by this steroid are:

  • Increase of nitrogen density;
  • Lean mass growth;
  • Acts in the prevention of diseases;

Improves mood and mood:

  • Retention of fat, especially in the abdomen;
  • Improvements in protein synthesis;
  • Body remodeling.

But just as in the cradle of anabolic steroids (Germany in World War II) use in medicine brings interesting benefits to recovering sick people.

What is Turinabol’s function?

Chlorodehydrometiltestosterone has good ability to bind sexual globulins to SHBG (matrix protein that “manages” several hormones in the body).

In this way, free testosterone is always available within recommended standards, which leads to a greater chance of anabolism.

Potentially widespread as a steroid that increases strength and endurance, this is why it was used indiscriminately by doctors in athletes, especially in Germany and Russia as we mentioned before.

There are even reports that Adolf Hitler himself made use of this steroid to improve physical endurance.

Therefore, it is presumed that Turibanol is indeed an anabolic for athletes and not for those who wish to follow the bodybuilder style.

What can excess Turinabol cause?

If a woman chooses to take Turinabol will be offering the body a great chance to develop preponderant masculinized characteristics.

So it is not an anabolic recommended for females.

For men, when they do not respect the cycles, severe problems in the liver, mainly.

But, other consequences are common of the use of steroids like for example, heart failure of the anabolizado.

In addition to increased blood pressure, atherosclerosis, increased LDL and triglycerides, decreased sperm count, among other drawbacks.