How to take the Durateston?

What is Durateston and how to take it?

Available in intramuscular injectable solution, each unit contains one ampoule of the medicine.

Application of the solution should be performed by a physician or qualified professional, usually on the arm, buttocks or upper leg.

Applications are controlled via prescription form and prescription.

Being that to replenish the hormone testosterone, every 7 days an ampoule is applied.

However, each body has different needs and reactions which may require dosage adjustments.

In the case of application with a specific purpose for aesthetics (which is forbidden, but not fulfilled) the medicine follows application cycles.

In these cycles the user will develop the muscles gradually but quickly. And the higher the cycle the more chances of suffering the side effects.

There are also parallel cycles, where Durateston is used in concomitance with other steroids.

Short cycle for Durateston use

In this cycle, the period is 8 to 10 weeks. The variations are respectively application in the initial 5 weeks with pause in the following 3 weeks.

In the second option, the person applies the medication during the first 6 weeks and pauses in the next 4 weeks.

After each pause the process is restarted or not.

Side effects of Durateston

In addition, there are several other setbacks with overuse and prolongation of use, such as:

  • Loss or decrease of libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Blood pressure imbalance;
  • Atrophic testes;
  • Baldness;
  • Develop prostate cancer;
  • Increase body mass uncontrollably;
  • It can inhibit growth in the case of consumed in adolescence;
  • Appearance of acne;
  • Retain liquids;
  • Higher probability of developing diseases such as depression;
  • Higher chance of greatly increasing hematocrit;
  • Cardiovascular problems, among others.

Who can not take the Durateston

Like any medicine, Durateston has mild and severe use restrictions.

Women should not automatically adhere to the product, and if nursing mothers and pregnant women consume they will be exposed to serious consequences.

Young children, especially under 3 years, are prohibited from consuming.

What is Durateston, what is it for, benefits, function, excess, side effects, how to take In adolescence much caution is required to adhere to the use, as it can generate serious drawbacks in boys, such as uncontrolled increase of genital organ, atypical erections and depression .

Other groups that can not use the drug include:

  • Persons with suspected or evidence of carcinoma in the prostate or breasts;
  • Allergic in general;
  • People with various chronic pathologies such as epilepsy, renal dysfunction, and others.

Men who are mature or elderly, even if clinically oriented.

And with the purpose of replacing natural testosterone, due to great loss at this stage of life, can only consume the drug under medical indication.

Average cycle for Durateston use

In this case, the total period and each cycle may be 12 or 15 weeks.

In the first option, in 8 consecutive weeks will be the application intercalando with 4 weeks of clubs.

In the second case, the application will be for 9 weeks and the remaining 6 for rest.

Long cycle for Durateston use

The long cycle consists of 10 sequential weeks applying the drug.

Process that increases the chances of severe complications, designating this cycle as very dangerous for the body in general.

Final considerations on Durateston

Finally, we remind you that no one should consume Durateston without prior medical authorization.

It is even strictly forbidden and very difficult to get this medicine without a prescription.

First, because buying is impractical, secondly because if someone offers the product without the need for a prescription, it is very likely that the drug will be adulterated.

We emphasize that the intention here of the site of Training Tips is to add the life and knowledge of our readers and never to induce to the consumption.

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