The Durateston or “hard” for the more intimate, is still one of the most consumed testosterone based anabolic.

For those who perform training or for those who want to “change” the body at any cost, appealing to anabolics seems to be part of the routine.

However, lack of information, commercial appeal and immediacy also help men and women who wish to improve their physical performance to choose products, without even understanding how they act in the body.

Whether it is to lose weight, or to achieve volume and shape muscles, many expose health.

Not considering the likely side effects and also sequelae resulting from the use of drugs or anabolic steroids in excess.

Talking about an always controversial topic that is the use of EAAS (androgenic anabolic steroids) demands responsibility, the same as we always do in all our articles.

But, it is always worth mentioning that our proposal is never to induce consumption, but rather to guide and draw the attention of the reader.

That maybe makes use, and does not know the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the products that it uses. And one of these cases is Durateston.

In the course of the post we show impartiality in each topic that will be addressed.

In order to propagate the idea that hypertrophy, muscular strength and good form are conditions that we can also achieve naturally, especially by decisively changing habits.

It is worth remembering that only a doctor can more accurately indicate what the real needs of a person to use this and other synthesized testosterone based products.

Durateston and its “parallel universe and the dark side of the product” explained in full to you now. Enjoy the information!

What is Durateston?

It is a controlled medicine, which can only be marketed and used with a prescription.

Made with testosterone, it is usually found in ampoules that should be injected into the muscle cautiously and thoroughly.

It is mainly used to treat hypogonadism.

This disease affects male health because it inhibits the production of the most important hormone in a man’s life to testosterone.

We can roughly say that the “hard” is the result of the sum of four large groups of the hormone testosterone in the synthesized form.

Being them:

# Testosterone propionate that participates with 30 mg: Lab manipulation of this Durateston ingredient greatly increases the natural testosterone pattern you already have. He acts immediately, in contrast the period of stay is shorter.

# Testosterone Fempropionate is in the amount of 60 mg: it stays longer in the body, but acts slowly;

# Testosterone isocaproate assumes 60 mg within the formula: the only among testosterone that is not found isolated, integrates the others to increase the efficiency of the drug;

# 100 mg testosterone decanoate: it has been the biggest reference in the veterinary market for combining all its potential in the extinct Notest 250.

In addition to these items, there are still in the composition excipients, among them benzyl alcohol and one that deserves much attention peanut oil.

Because it is not tolerated because of the allergenic potential in some people.

Respectively each of the testosterones contributes to bring to the body extraordinary dose of the hormone.

That results in more physical strength, arousal of the male traits and of course bodily volume.

What is Durateston for?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the man to develop all traits characteristic of sex.

Like for example, the development of genitalia (penis, testicles), more serious voice, body hair, sperm production, libido and virility.

Muscle growth is also a sign that the male body is developing when the hormone level is normal.

However, in some men these changes do not occur due to hypogonadism, affecting development and especially male self-esteem.

Until then, hormone replacement therapies – which are many – surround themselves with chemical resources (drugs).

All testosterone-based, to disperse this “natural anabolic” in the male body.

Yes, Durateston is one of those medications!

However, use also brings an unrivaled type of bodily gain, which “enchants” those who train to turn the muscles for volume and strength above average.

And that happens, fast thanks to the drug’s potential to ward off catabolism (muscle burn) and non-retention of fluid in muscles.

Situations common to other androgenic anabolic agents available in the market.

What are the benefits for those who consume Durateston?

All the steroids present in the drug act together and with a certain immediacy thanks to its injectable form.

For you to have an idea Testosterone propionate reaches the surplus in 2 days; isocaproate and testosterone Phenylpropionate in 3 days. The Decanoate reaches 7 days.

Men who are in the group where testosterone deficiency is severe benefit from the drug.

However, bodybuilders and maromas who are not always struggling to maintain the level of the steroid use it to increase lean mass.

And as a result, muscle strength also increases. Athletes (not generalizing) who seek to achieve high performance consume the product, especially in the bulking phase.

However, if the competitions are under the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), medical monitoring is crucial.

You see, Durateston improves sports performance, but this in no way justifies its use, as the side effects can be severe and do not outweigh the risk.

With clinical indication and supervision, we can highlight the following benefits with the use of Durateston:

  • Less body fat, thanks to metabolic acceleration when exercise is practiced or when food is consumed;
  • Muscle hatching is very fast;
  • Increased protein synthesis;
  • Actin and also myosin levels rise rapidly;
  • It removes catabolism, which is providential for many muscles;
  • Inhibits glucocorticoids, hormones that interfere to lose more mass;
  • Usually does not cause damage to the liver;
  • There is an increase in red blood cells which favors the increase in immunity;
  • Raises the important peptic hormone IGF-1 for post-workout recovery;
  • It can help prevent diseases.

However, only a doctor can perform the prognosis if the man can and should use the medicine to treat the condition where there is no testosterone production.

As well as, guide the healthy ones that aim to just hypertrophy.

That, usually with the application of 250mg of the formula, already perceive the results in favor of the mass gain.

What Durateston Excess May Cause

Each body may react differently with the use of the medicine. However, it seems that there is always some side effect.

In man, the excess of Durateston, can end up in hormonal transformation by dispersing estrogen (female hormone) in the body.

Even influencing physical appearance, with the appearance of breast volume called gynecomastia.

If a woman uses, random traces of masculinity may arise and worsen as consumption increases.