Anabolic Steroids in Bodybuilding: Everything Transforms

And there goes almost 60 years of the presence of anabolic steroids in the sports environment and why not social as well. Never before have we seen so many carved bodies in the streets, beaches, parks and gyms.

The pattern of beauty and health denotes that we are all free of excess fat, with well defined musculature and proportions that each body naturally has. And who said that a body like that is not something nice to see ?

Furthermore, the human being seems to be waking up to the idea that the human body needs, can and must be trained so that the spoken and subjective quality of life is achieved. Flexibility, strength, muscular endurance and aerobic are the fundamental points of physical balance. Who does not feel well when following a well-crafted program of physical activity? Liposculpture, liposculpture, lifting, botox, surgical reduction of the stomach, silicone prostheses for the breasts, twins, buttocks … we are seeing everything in the search for aesthetics and consequently well-being, happiness, quality of life.

Of course! Who likes to feel ugly, dirty, badly dressed, within their social environment. We all seek prominence within the highly competitive environment in which we live. Health today is extremely subjective. What is health for you? Do not get sick? Do you consume at least the minimum necessary of each nutrient to survive? Do the minimum of recommended physical activity? Getting the minimum needed? Drinking only 8 glasses of water daily?

What about those who want more than that? What about those who want an optimal level of health? Does life expectancy increase and why does not it also increase the quality of those extra years of life?

The use of synthetic hormones as a drug to optimize the immune system, fight infections, accelerate the recovery of fractures and inflammation in joints, assist in the treatment of anemia, breast cancer, treatment of hereditary angiodema among others has been known for some time. Today, we have the use of this type of hormone in AIDS patients, who suffer from multiple sclerosis, cancers and various other diseases that tend to consume the human body slowly.

Today, it is common knowledge that anabolics do not kill by themselves or we would be seeing bodies stretched out on the floor daily

The medical community has denied for decades that this type of substance has any benefit either from gaining lean mass or accelerating post-surgical recovery while thousands of people were already using anabolic steroids with quite a satisfactory result. They closed their eyes and lost credibility.

You see, it is not a question of apologizing the use of this type of hormone with a non-therapeutic application, but rather of putting a personal vision and without hypocrisy about something that is already part of our daily life.

And so let’s walk with a thought that all dietary supplements are anabolic steroids and that everyone who takes them into mind when saying that only takes supplements, for the day when using anabolic steroids will be as personal a decision as putting silicone truth is that no one admits the use) and better because we will have the support of the doctors who are the only ones to be able to do a more detailed monitoring, through the specific examinations and any changes that may occur during a cycle of steroids.

Until the medical community is better educated about this type of hormonal therapy (after all, these professionals already have a wealth of knowledge about pathologies and have no obligation to understand about a culture that is still considered underground) we will still see many young people misinformed using anabolics indiscriminately, others selfby injecting intramuscular injections without the least knowledge, a black market of anabolic steroids that is dirty and rotten like drug trafficking, even though we have in our pharmacies the best anabolic androgenic hormones among all the existing ones (yes it is true) and with guarantee of origin.

Finally it is important that we always have an open mind to change. Every kind of new concept tends to be rejected at first, especially when we are tied to another way of looking at things. The important thing is to know that this is exactly the path of evolution. It is natural that the new and ever-increasing volume of knowledge generated throughout the world by new research will overturn old ways of seeing and thinking.

The sooner we can perceive the changes and adapt to them, the more we will benefit from the time we have to enjoy life.